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About me

The first time I have shaved with straight razor in far 1987.
Seriously to be engaged in restoration and sharpening of razors I have begun in 2005.
Honing and restoration services on all types of straight razors and knives available.
I try to restore razors so that they were closer to the original to keep a primordial form of the razor and to keep its history.
I try to learn the history of manufacturing of each razor I work with.
I live in Israel.
You can always send me email: 
Don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Also I hone all types of the cigar cutters.

Good luck,
Alex Ts. (aka manah).

Some of my pipes.
Some of my lighters.

A new book of the straight razor's history by French authors/collectors André Morand and Alex Delaide - "L' industrie mondiale du rasoir couteau ".
It's a beautiful, deep and interesting book with a large material about different razor makers. Also you can find there the material from

Вы можете задать любые вопросы на русском языке об опасных бритвах на форуме Союза Мастеров и Коллекционеров Холодного Оружия Израиля - "K.W.C.U.I."
(You can ask any questions in Russian about straight razors on the forum of Knifemakers and Weapon Collectors Union Israel.)

No.1 of the Israeli magazine about knives.

Available in Russian, Hebrew and English.

I with Franco Lorenzi in Milan, Sep.2009.

Pages from his book "Rasoi e lame; barbe e baffi".

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Cougar 72.

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Epatant 06.

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Huon Mons 818.

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