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Carl Friedrich ERN, Solingen-Wald.

The company was founded in 1873, registrated December, 4 1874.
Located at Solingen-Wald in 1922 and at Kanalstrasse 43 in 1939. 

    Carl Friedrich Ern

Carl Friedrich Ern family were razor-grinders (the Wupper grinders, after Wuppertal), and he took over his fathers company - they honed razors for other firms (in 1860 Nathaniel Ern only ground and honed razors for Henckels), but soon began to make their own razors. Nathaniel taught his son Carl to do the job - at that time there were 20 workers and seven masters. Singing and talking were forbidden, drinking never allowed. The company moved to Wald (to Wittekulle), an outlying district of Solingen, in 1876. In 1893 they introduced the 'Hexe' machine to hollow-grind razors, said to be a benefit to all razor makers.

Above: the 'Hexe' (translates as 'witch') hollow grinding machine.

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