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I.R.Frodxin, Cast Steel.

This razor was made by Ignaz Rösler, Nixdorf,Bohemia.
Ignaz Rösler was the founder of the "Ignaz Röslersche Feinstahl- und Nürnbergerwaren- und Pfeifenkopffabrik" in Nixdorf, Bohemia in 1811, one of the first cutlery companies in Nixdorf.
Some reasoning:
1. Nixdorf - Bohemia, in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Nixdorf cutlers, mostly ethnic Germans, exported knives all over Europe, as well as to America (before WWI, Nixdorf was the 3rd most important source of foreign knives sold in the US, following Sheffield and Solingen). Nixdorf knives are typically fancy, and typically German in workmanship.
(Since 1945 Nixdorf has been called Mikulasovice, now in the Czech Republic.)

2. Why Nixdorf=>Frodxin.
From "English in marketing: international communication strategies in small and medium-sized enterprises" by Sylva-Michèle Sternkopf:
"As far as the ease of pronunciation is concerned, it is worth considering whether the foreign sound of the name might also work in favour of the company, as it was the case with the brand names Hutschenreuther or Nixdorf. These names sound so German that international customers readily associate them with German
craftsmanship and high quality standards.
The latter, Nixdorf, even made a virtue out of necessity and ran an advertising campaign in the UK with the slogans
"Nixdorf spells frodxin backwards. Maybe that will help." or "An urgent appeal: Help us protect our good name"."

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