All about classic razors Версия для печати

Old French razor Vve Rembouillet.

Most likely the razor was made in the first part of the 19th century. In the books of Camille Pagé (1844-1917)(cutler and encyclopaedist, who made a great work. 

He collected since 1896 to 1904 all info about profession in six volumes) we can find the similar razors.
The razor was lightly restored. I've tried to save all original forms.
The blade is 6/8, deep hollow point, wedge, without tail.
Natural(ivory?) scales with silver inlay.
Box included.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Shave ready. 
The price includes delivery worldwide. PayPal Only, no eChecks, please.

The set of Napoleon's razors in ivory:
(Musée du Louvre, Paris).

If someone is interested.
The large(5.5Mb) picture of the set, more detailed.


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