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Geo. Wostenholm & Son's Doubly Carbonized I*XL razor.

There were two type of the Wostenholm frameback razors:
1. The gold colored print pressed into the dark horn handle says : "George Wostenholm & Son's, Doubly Carbonised I*XL Razor", "Registered Sep.10, 1850. No.2434".
The handle has brass pins and a metal spacer.
The razor's shank is stamped "The I*XL Improved Swiss", "manufactured solely by", "George Wostenholm & Son".
2. A second similar razor (this one) has much the same shape to its black horn handle and frameback blade.
The frame back portion of this blade is flattened slightly and stamped "Geo. Wostenholm & Son's Doubly Carbonized I*XL razor".
The frameback and the blade's edge have a curve to them instead of being straight.
The curve is about the same as that made by the razor's handle.
The shank has a diamond shaped mark and is stamped inside the mark "Registered", "10 Sep.", "1850", "No 2434", "I*XL".
The frameback style continued to be sold for decades though not in great number.
The blade is 6/8+, hollow point(barber's notch), frameback.
There're some patina and minor pitting on the blade.
The razor was re-scaled (new handle from Thiers-Issard, France).
The pictures speak for themselves.
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