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Wm. Elliot & Co., Made in Germany, Reg.U.S.Pat.Off., Eingetragenes Warenzeichen.

William Elliot was in business 1880-1907.
But according to Robert A.Doyle Price Guide, there were Wm.Elliot razors before 1860.
William Elliot was an importer, sourcing parts from all over - especially from the UK and Germany.
A. Strauss & Co. acquired the Elliot's trademark in 1907 and continued using it until 1918. Adolph Strauss and Company was an import agency in NY.
Incidentally, Adolph Strauss & Co did not just import razors - they were also the american agents for Messner Harmonicas.
The blade is 11/16, square point, full hollow ground.
The pictures speak for themselves.
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