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The name of the razor is "Magnética" which is the Spanish translation of the English word "Magnetic".
According to some sources, the razor was made from Solinger Magnetstahl.
Solinger Magnetstahl translates directly to Magnetic Steel from Solingen.
Most likely, the razor was made by Daniel Peres.
Daniel Peres founded the company in 1792.
Registered 4th October 1878, Solingen, Friedrichstrasse 26.
The history of Daniel Perez is very interesting. Actually his company was the first known razor maker in Solingen.
founded by Daniel Perez in Solingen in 1792.
His main achievement was to reinvent the "english polish" and with this knowledge he established the production of scissors as well as pocket knives and razors around 1803-1805. This was against the resistance of the old Solingen Trade Guilds. In 1809 Napoleon who ruled over the Solingen area at that time abolish the Trade Guilds.
Due to competition and the impact of Napoleons Continental Blockade against Great Britain, Daniel Perez had to cease production in 1819. He sold the machinery to Ignaz Rösler of Austria who used it to build up the Razor Industry in Nixdorf Bohemia.
The Daniel Perez Company kept on as a trading Company.
It took until 1878 when the grandchildren of the founder started with the production of razors again.
The height of the production was between 1890 - 1914 and in the 1920´s.
A Daniel Perez Company still exist in Solingen today but they don´t produce Razors anymore.
The blade is 7/8, round point, full hollow ground.
Massive blade.
There's some pitting on the blade.
The pictures speak for themselves.
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