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Novelty Cutlery Co., Canton, O. Pat.Nov.79.

     The company was founded in 1879 by Augustus Vignos. He joined in many ventures prior to the cutlery business, including the Civil War where he lost his right arm. He had been a farmer, janitor, and postmaster of Canton. Novelty became famous for transparent-handled knives which were invented by Henry and Reuben Landis, also of Canton.

     In 1910, the cutlery was at 67 Bar Street, later, in 1928, moving to 515 McGregor Avenue. Mr. Vignos died in 1925, and the firm passed on to his son, Alfred A. Vignos. They stopped making knives about 1948.

This catalog was distributed by the Novelty Cutlery Company of Canton Ohio in 1919.

The blade is 5/8, square point, full hollow ground.
There's some minor pitting on the blade.
The razor was re-pinned.
Box included.
The pictures speak for themselves.
Shave ready.
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